Our calligraphy class teacher will express your name in Kanji characters.

Our web service uses the ancient and traditional techniques of calligraphy to express your name in beautiful Kanji characters. While respecting the meaning and resonance of the name, we offer it as a unique work of art through the delicate strokes of calligraphy.

A name is an important element that symbolizes an individual. Our calligraphy teachers will express your name in carefully selected kanji characters. Each kanji is carefully chosen for its meaning and energy, and is beautifully designed to complement the sound of your name and personality.

Individually customized design

We carefully select and design each kanji character to match your name. Using calligraphy techniques, we deliver beautiful artwork that maximizes the sound and meaning of your name.

Wide Variety of Variations

There are endless possibilities for combinations and styles of Kanji characters. We offer a variety of variations to meet your tastes and requirements. We will create a special piece just for you, according to your preferred style and atmosphere.

High quality works

Our service offers works of art that have been painstakingly created by calligraphy professionals. We use high quality paper and ink, and deliver works of art that showcase our craftsmanship. Decorating a name can give it special meaning and value.

Customer convenience is our top priority, which is why we accept orders online. Once an order is placed, we deliver it as digital data. It is the perfect choice for important gifts and special anniversaries. *We can also ship the actual artwork out of the country. Please contact us.

サラ (Sarah)
Meaning: sandalwood
ロバート (Robert)
Meaning: leading person
ジェニファー (Jennifer)
Meaning: pure flower
マイケル (Michael)
Meaning: beautiful soaring

Through our web service, we can add the beauty of Chinese characters to your name and bring out its unique charm. We invite you to use our service as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself. We are sure that you will feel a new cultural exchange and depth through the name.


20,000 JPY per name
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Flow of Request

First, please contact us using the inquiry form below. The production time is approximately one week.
You can also consult with us via web video or other means.